In this period, in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Western Europe, we analyze Gothic Architecture, religious architecture. Actually we investigate many renaissanse constructions and buildings. The idea of renaissanse, rebirth of ancient Greco-Roman culture, grew naturally on Italian soil, where the ruins of ancient Rome were much in evidence. Humanist Italy Actually, the period of… Read More 1350-1500


After the year 1000, European cities began to show new cultural vigor and rapid population growth. The maritine republics in Italy initiated fluid trade relations across the Mediterranean with Byzantines and Islamic ports. Fanciful domes and slender towers began to sprout in the cities around the Mediterranean, in both Islamic and Christian contexts, as did… Read More 1200-1350


In India an Asia monuemental architecture was affected from the cosmos in relation to hierarchy and political order which is for showing regard and temples were placed with thinking cosmic and metaphysic. Alsp the mandela diagram was used by designers as a base for thei works and they create images and forms with taking reference… Read More 800-1200