700-200 BCE

Babylon is named Gate of God. It is a multi lingual metropolis and symbol of the cosmopolitan city. The city started edge of the city however in time due to the increase the exceed the river. Building it self is complained with 3 part which includes different nations people. One of the example of Classical… Read More 700-200 BCE

1500-750 BCE

In Egypt’s capital Thebes between the 1560- 1070 BCE has a fame with the temples of Karnak and Luxol’s. In these temples Egyptian designers applied an axis idea to the temples for example The Temple of Amon is the most significant structure in history. It called additive architecture because it created different time periods through… Read More 1500-750 BCE

3000-1500 BCE

  The custom of rebuilding houses one of the other, seen in ancient Jericho continued through the Mesopotamia and extended quite naturally to temples for example Khafaje has oval temple shape which includes two courtyards the first one for storehouse in the upper part around the courtyard the offices and public zone exist and in… Read More 3000-1500 BCE