First Prejury 


Last week i had introduce a new experiance. PREJURY!

We were asked to develop our relation-variation model up to 25 elements which includes at least 10 plane 8 stick an also we can use strech& scale operations for a plane. Thats mean we didn’t stuck on a given planer elements dimention. It was a bit challenging because now its time to decide planes size.

First i want to use an extreme plane which was located in the middle of the model and i add same unit in different parts of it moreover with sticks i tried to make a relation with planes with using same way;

Glued ones has a passes stick in front of on their surface and sticks passes intersected one’s edges.


Here is drawings of my model

In critics jury members mentioned that i had a problem with workmenship and a stick and a planer (in the bottom) element. In revision model i try to manage with this problem however it didn’t make any change.


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