The Engineer’s Aesthetic and Architecture



We’re asked to read a part of a Le Corbusier’s book which called  The Engineer’s Aesthetic and Architecture and here is my notes and comments about it.

Firstly , this book has an amazing hard language to understand and actually I read it every sentence twice thus it took long time to read.

The first parts are cliche thigs like ; The engineers are interested in mathematical calculation, height and arcihtects makes us to sense the beauty and sucks us in with the help of creativity. But later on he fills hate for arcihtectural education in France because according to him in this school they return students creative brains a  self interested brain thus he mentions; although engineers are healty happy active, arcihtectures have bad characteristic behaves like self conceit and also they are unemployed.

One part is become my favoure with the way of thinking he says A Roof makes affects peoples life in bad way for example it makes us asedentery creatures, we become lazy at houses and at the same time we disgust that houses so we try to avoid houses, with going dinners, clubs etc. That was a different perception to looking the degree of houses in our daily life.



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